• “I have seen Uniquity’s executive management demonstrate leadership skills in a number of contexts in which they have demonstrated the ability to champion initiatives and influence others to design and meet company objectives and production goals.”
    Principle Consultant at Optimize

  • “The leaders at Uniquity have been magnanimous advisors and friends to our organization. They have openly shared their vast knowledge in all areas pertaining to the United States student loan industry.”
    Chief Executive Officer of Quifang – China Student Loan Program

  • “Uniquity’s leaders have demonstrated an aptitude for developing business relationships, a thorough knowledge of the complex student loan industry and the operational skills to continuously improve processes and results.”
    Asst Commissioner, Missouri Department of Higher Education

  • “Uniquity’s leadership team understands the fiscal and social impact of student loan defaults. The challenges of working with borrowers at the time of their graduation and repayment is immense.”
    President of National Council on Higher Education Loan Programs